Fast Websites

One of the questions I often get asked is:  “why do you focus so much on the making fast websites?”   The answer is simple. If your website takes too long to load and has sluggish performance most people won’t stick around to see your content. Of course a website needs to look great, have good… Continue reading Fast Websites

Square Peg

I always try to focus forward ( never straight Mr. Norman );  but I was doing some manual labor yesterday… As my mind was not occupied on a coding or sysadmin type task it wandered back over 40 years of memories. Contrary to popular opinion I am human, so I did experience the at least… Continue reading Square Peg

How I Learned to Stop Worrying about AES and Love the Chacha

Way back in the 1800’s, the Irish thought that they had solved the problem of feeding an ever growing population. They started planting Lumper potatoes; since potatoes are propagated vegetatively, all of the subsequent lumper ‘taters were genetic clones – identical to one another. This seemed like a good idea, a starving population is surely… Continue reading How I Learned to Stop Worrying about AES and Love the Chacha

Material Design vs. Bootstrap

I am no stranger to Front-end frameworks, and lately I have had occasion to work with Material Design and Bootstrap. Specifically I have been working with Vuetify which is a Material Design component framework for use with Vue, and the standard 4x version of Bootstrap. I had more experience previously with Bootstrap than I did… Continue reading Material Design vs. Bootstrap

AI Blog

If you had a blog that was composed of only the ramblings of artificial intelligence that you created, would that mean that you wrote the blog? Well that was the idea that I was working through when I created AIBL0G.COM. AI Blog and GANs After taking a Python Machine Learning and a Tensor Flow class… Continue reading AI Blog