Square Peg

I always try to focus forward ( never straight Mr. Norman );  but I was doing some manual labor yesterday… As my mind was not occupied on a coding or sysadmin type task it wandered back over 40 years of memories. Contrary to popular opinion I am human, so I did experience the at least… Continue reading Square Peg

AI Blog

If you had a blog that was composed of only the ramblings of artificial intelligence that you created, would that mean that you wrote the blog? Well that was the idea that I was working through when I created AIBL0G.COM. AI Blog and GANs After taking a Python Machine Learning and a Tensor Flow class… Continue reading AI Blog


One of the projects that I rolled out this year is a web app that spiders and collects news articles from across the Internet. It saves that spidered data to a Firestore database, and uses some Natural Language Processing AI to determine what each articles is about. It then classifies each article, determines it’s bias,… Continue reading HEADLIN3S

Nine Lines

I was trying to come up with a “web art project”. I was thinking about how I could generate video. That is – how could I create something that would create video. I settled on generating #video with #javascript. I made a gallery of the different javascript animations here: https://nine-lines.web.app I made the custom, original… Continue reading Nine Lines